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Electrician (Seeking Sponsorship)

Good Witch

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Hi All, :ilikeit:

Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed to the many interesting topics on this forum. The advice and tips on here have been SO valuable!

Amongst other, hubby and I have learnt that we will probably get into Aus a lot quicker on a temp work visa (sponsored) while waiting for our PR 175 to go thru the (lenghty) process in the background. It seems this is a quicker and therefore rather popular way to get into Aus... Our agent informed us that all will be fine if we opt for a sponsored temp work visa, as long as we leave Aus for about 5 days when the PR visa is granted. A great 'excuse' for a holiday when the time comes! :rolleyes:

Hubby is the main applicant, electrician by trade. He has successfully completed his IELTS, and his paper-based Vetassess. He does the external Vetassess exam on Oct 2nd. Once done, I imagine we'll be ready to start applying for electrician positions in Australia.

We have registered with www.seek.com but would appreciate any and all other tips with regards getting sponsored employment offers from Aus. The one thing to do is obviously to apply, apply, apply... and to present his CV in the Aus standard format. Can anyone offer other handy tips that may help us to obtain an employment contract from an employer willing to sponsor us? What worked for you? And what should we avoid? Our agent will help with the temp visa too, if we get sponsored employment.

Our goal is to move to Australia early in 2009. The house (and one car) has been sold already, we are now renting until we move. As soon as a job offer comes thru we'll resign our jobs, book a container to transport our household goods across, buy our flight tickets, and wrap-up the final bits 'n pieces here in ZA.

But first... we need sponsored employment for hubby in Aus which is why I am posting this...

Preferred area is Melbourne, 2nd choice is Tasmania. But, we will obviously consider job offers anywhere in Aus. The main thing is to get there first; the finer details will work themselves out later..

Thanks in advance for any and all help!


Andi & Gunther

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