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Zambuk salf


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I haven't seen any at the Saffer shops, but as I brought heaps with me I haven't actively been looking for it! The aussies I've shown zambuk to don't recognise it, but they love using it. The closest product seems to be tiger balm, which one of my friends swears by. If you PM me your addy I'll post you a tin from my SA stock!


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Not quite the same as Zambuck, but as a "cure all" they all swear by Papaw Ointment. I got a tube at the chemist (red tube: "Lucas' Papaw Ointment"). Says it can be used for boils, burns, chafing, cuts, grazes, insect bites, nappy rash, open wounds. haven't tried it yet tho!!


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Hey Cindylou & Martins,

Yeah - I did NOT bring over heaps as I was convinced the cute little beagle at the airport was gonna get me!!

I still have some left, just wondering for future reference...

Thanks for the offer Cindylou - but I'd NEVER impose on another Saffer's zambuk supply! :ilikeit:

Thanks guys! Have a good week (end...)! :rolleyes:

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Ek sien jy is in Perth waar ons ook is. Ek het so 3 weke terug gesien by die SA winkel (Cape to Cairo) dat hulle het. Hulle is wel nie meer in Wembley nie, maar in Osborne Park. Of as jy nie daar regkom nie. Ek het altyd lebello gebruik in SA en hier is dit Nivea en ek moet se dit werk baie beter as Lebello dalk kan jy dit 'n "go" gee en dis nie te duur nie.

As jy wil kan ek die adres vir jou PM.



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You can get Zambuk from the SA Shops

ie SA Essentials in Joondalup and Cape to Cairo in Wembley.



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