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Looking for Business Analyst positions


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Hello all,

I'm looking for work as a Business Analyst in the Melbourne area - preferably CBD as I'm in Elwood, but I'm not too fussy.

A bit about me: With more than 7 years IT experience including business analysis; project management; programming and application development; database design and support with extensive SQL experience; IT co-ordination; procurement and installations; technical staff and business user mentoring; and technical writing, I have had exposure to the Finance, Transport and Freight and FMCG industries. I am looking for an exciting and challenging new role in IT business analysis.

I am in possession of a Class BN Resident (Sub-class 136) visa and have relocated permanently to Australia, and as such am immediately available.

Any interested parties are more than welcome to PM me, or email me for further details (email: tarokza@gmail.com)


Rudi Richardson

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Hi Rudi

Welcome! I wish I was a Business Analyst - LOTS of positions advertised on www.seek.com.au as well as www.careerone.com.au! Have a look there and start applying, or go see the companies and/or recruitment agents.

Good luck!

PS Elwood is a lovely area - I wanted to live there, but can be a bit expensive, and public transport not that great (depending what side of Elwood you live).

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