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Help - Vetassess practical for Electrician - Urgent


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Hi, Everybody!

I have been reading up a storm on this forum! I've been a member for some time now but actually got a bit side tracked :blush: . Now I'm here desperately trying to get some information about the Vetassess practical assessment for my hubby. He's an electrician and has his assessment scheduled for 30 September. He received his info pack but it seems to contradict itself and isn't very clear on exactly what is expected. He's very worried that they are going to judge him based on every aspect of General Electrician and cause he's been working in mines all his career and doesn't know much about housewiring and stuff that he's going to fail!!! :blink:

If any body can help with some info we would really appreciate it!


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Might I suggest that you change your topic line in order toi expedite an answer from someone on the forum. I see you had 63 people read your post but likely they are not Electricians.

Just a thought


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