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Gas Bottles


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Give them away to your mates.

You can't fill them in Australia.

Australian gas bottles have a date stamp on the bottom, giving them a 10 year period of life before they need to get checked for rust inside and have new seals put in for another 10 year period of life.

Without a date stamp within the last 10 years, it's illegal for the filling station to fill them up. . . . . . big fine!

I always get my old gas bottles checked out every 10 years, not only to be within the law, but also it's about half the cost of buying another brand new gas cylinder.

I priced out a few gas bottles recently. Even small 1.2 kg gas bottles were around $40, made out of cheap Indian steel, whilst the check / re-sealing cost only $25 for my older gas cylinders made out of Australian steel with the sticker, from new, stating they had an indefinite life.

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Hi Polly

Where can I get these converters? I have a Cadac Skottel Braai that I'd like to youse with a 4.5kg Gas bottle.


Apparently you get converters to make the fittings fit on local bottles. You can't bring the gas bottle.
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