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King size bed and small houses?

Die Krugers

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Hi there

We want to buy a bed to bring over with us. We currently have a queensize, but want to upgrade to a kingsize (those with small children will understand :P !!).

Anyway, we've heard that the houses in Oz are not as big as we have here, so I don't want to buy a bed and not be able to fit it into a rental place! We have a headbord, with side cupboards that also needs to fit in. I don't want to look for a house just to fit my bed in!

What do you suggest, can we buy a kingsize bed and should it fit into most houses' main bedroom, or not?

Thanks guys!



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Guest Vermeulens

We have a king size too, but I'm afraid, we struggle to find a house where it will fit. Just one thing I did not do, measure the bed before they load it in the container ... this will help you to measure the rooms when you view possible rentals. Some houses has bigger rooms, look in the older built areas.


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Cant answer you but laughed about the kids in the bed. I am nursing a stiff neck this morning after a midnight visit from a one year old, who likes to stretch out!

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We were thinking of doing the same thing...... and yes - we have 2 small kids!!

Any advice would be appreciated - thanks

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Remeber that bed sizes are different here and you will probably be sleeping on the same bed for the next ten years. You might struggle to get bedding. Or you will need to do some sewing.

We are in Melbourne and all the houses we saw had enough space for a kindsize bed. Don't know about Adelaide, sorry. Queen size seems to be the easiest size to get here, but a queen we found is MUCH larger than a queen in RSA. If I could suggest, maybe buy / have headboard and side tables made according to the Aussie bedsize you want in RSA, then buy the mattress this side (in Aus). That way you will have somewhere to sleep, but get away cheaper with bedroom furniture. Maybe get a dressing table, etc. to match as well in RSA. You can survive without those while waiting for the container.

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Every bedroom will cater for being able to get a regular double bed in it.

I dunno about South Africa, but here in Australia, you get single and double beds which are 6' 3" long.

A Queen size is still the same width as a double bed but is 6' 8" long for those characters with long feet, like me, that poke out the end of a regular bed!

You shouldn't have any dramas about getting a Queen size bed into a regular bedroom.

A King size is the same length as a Queen size, i.e. 6' 8", but is wider than the regular double and Queen sizes.

My missus says that she can always find single, double and Queen size bed sheets and doonas, but King size stuff is harder to obtain. You might have to seriously hunt around for King size bed sheets and doonas.

Anyhow . . . . our Queen size bed is . . . . . . cuddly?? . . . . . and my tootsies still stay warm!

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Hi All!

Thanks so much for the replies!!

Vermeulens, that's what I'm afraid of, maybe we should wait for Oz and buy there, rather than have a white elephant if Adelaide houses are like Perth!

Allison: Yes, I know the feeling, so glad there are others going through the same thing!!!

Polly: Luckily my bedside tables can move in or out and can attach at different places on the headbord itself, so at least that won't be a problem!

Bob: Thanks for the advice, I was thinking of buyin the kingsize with lots of bedding to take with, that would have helped with the problem of sheets. etc. for Kingsize.

Well, now I'm still not sure, maybe it's best to wait out the three years we still have left on our current bed, and rather buy in Oz, just save in the meantime?

Thanks for the help, guys (and gals!)


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