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Independent IT Consultants

Sarel Seemonster

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I am looking for some info on taxes etc for Independent IT Consultants. I have been an independent SAP consultant for the last 8 years now but I am not sure what the best way is to set myself up for business in Oz.

What is the most tax efficient way to go about things i.e. do you incorporate, apply for tax directive etc?

Also - what measurements are taken in terms of liability?

Any info would be greatly appreciated



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Hi Sarel,

You might want to check out www.ato.org.gov site.

I am no expert but you might want to investigate registering yourself as a sole trade.

Hope this at least gets you in the right direction!


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Thanks Nats

Appreciate the help!

I have had a look at this previously and It does give me some direction but I would also like to hear from individuals that are actually independants in Oz.

Any independants out here?



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Sarel Seemonster!

I used to call a buddy of mine that as a nickname! Boet, I am too an SAP IC, but not functional. I am more on the BA/PM side of things. If you can figure out how I can get a job in Ozz, along the lines you are proposing, lemme know.

I am desperately trying to get into Ozz. So if you can offer me any advice, ill take it.

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