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Arriving in Adelaide soon


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Hi there,

I thought it might be a good idea to properly introduce ourselves before arriving in Adelaide.

Me and my wife, Vici are both 30 years "young". I'm a Sales Manager and Vici a Graphic Designer. We applied for a 475 State Sponsored Visa and should be arriving in Adelaide, in 2009.

We have 2 kids, Nathan 2 years and Mia-Leigh 5 months. We love sport, but don't have much time because of our busy kids :blush:. I would love to play a bit of rugby again (ouch :ilikeit: ) and Vici mentioned something about netball the other day. Any idea of where and how to join a rugby or netball club ?

We lead straight forward lives, nothing fancy or extravagant and we also like to keep this simple. Generally we are easy-going, love weekend braais with friends and enjoying good company........en ons is eintlik Afrikaans :ilikeit:

We've spent hours reading all the different posts concerning Adelaide and the expected lifestyle, but we do have a few questions and hope that someone would be so kind to assist.

Firstly, thanks to Manny who gave us good advice about the suburbs etc :ilikeit: and we appreciate Dax's comments on schooling issues.

We are thinking of settling in Campbelltown or surrounding areas or maybe (big maybe) in Mawson Lakes or surrounds.

What are the daycare like and how does it work? We need an indication of price etc, does daycare in Adelaide cater for half or full days (dumb question :blush: )?

Secondly, we need info or details of reputable recruitment agents. We were thinking of sending our CV's out a couple of months before our departure and would like to set up interviews for when we arrive. This is crucial !!

And then we need to purchase a vehicle. I thought it might be a good idea to make use of public transport at first and to buy a vehicle the moment one of us land a job. We need to build up a credit profile asap and thought of rather spending our initial budgeted amount on a deposit for a small family car. Any advise?

We are looking forward to our new life in Adelaide and to make a positive contribution.

Many thanks !

Neville & family :ilikeit:

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Hi Neville and fam,

Myself and Red will be heading for Adelaide before the end of this year. We are also into sports and mountain bike at the moment and are looking at rowing in Adelaide. I'm a QA Manager in the Auto industry and my wife is in the property industry.

Perhaps we will catch u with you at one of the coffee clubs in Adelaide in the new year.


Just B

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Hallo Neville. Gaan na die webtuiste <www.redbook.com.au> Hier sal jy baie inligting oor karre in Oz kry. Dit is soos die "boekie" wat die garages in RSA altyd gebruik het. Dit gee jou 'n baie goeie idee wat 'n kar se waarde is. Glo my, hier is jy in 'n Eerste wêreld. Jy kan daai waarde glo. Hier word gereeld veilings van Staatskarre gehou. Die karre is gewoontlik in 'n baie goeie toestand. Die perde hier trek nie 'n voertuig deur hulle alies nie. Dit sluit nou die jong perde uit (HOONS) 'n Persoon wat met 'n staatskar ry, pas hom op. Die karre word op omtrent 50 000 km omgeruil. Hy is dan ook gewoontlik so 2 jaar oud. Party selfs jonger, ander weer ouer. Ek het 'n Ford stasiewa, Vet6, vir $18 000 gekoop. Gas. Dit was $5000 onder sy boekie waarde. 'n Bargain want ek het my huiswerk gedoen. Ek het hom vir 'n jaar gery en weer vir amper $18 000 ingeruil. Al waarvoor jy moet oppas is die lisensiegelde. Die "rego" kan jou tot 'n $1000 kos. In rande, is dit 'n lorrie in RSA, se lisensiegelde. Pas op ook vir Bakkies (hier 'n UTE) Dit is 'n kommersiële voertuig waarmee jy kan geld maak en sy "rego" is ook duurder.

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Before you get mesmerised by all the slick sales talk of a car salesman, you'd be wise to go along to one or two of the South Australian State government vehicle auctions, held each Wednesday, to see the great condition and good prices of near new cars used by the government.

Most times they are under three years old, therefore still having factory warranty if anything is wrong with the vehicle. You simply toss the car keys on the desk of the car dealer and suggest they fix whatever problem has come to mind with the car you've just bought.

You'll find vehicle prices can be as low as half that of a brand new car and most are still current model Australian vehicles that you'll see Aussies living down your street driving around in.


This website gives the auction prices on sales over the last eight weeks.

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Hi Neville

We may be able to help you and your wife. Send us a copy of your CV's/Resumes closer to the time of your departure for Adelaide, together with a cover letter giving us some idea of what positions you are ideally looking for. Email address Manny.Tavares@Over40Recruitment.com.au Full contact details are available on our website www.over40recruitment.com.au

I would also suggest that you also search on the Seek Ltd and Careerone employment websites for positions that may require your, qualifications, skill set and experience and apply for them directly. Customise your cover letter for each job that you apply for addressing the essential criteria (some employers often require a "Statement of Claims/Selection Criteria Statement", let "them" know that you hold a visa that permits you to live and work in Adelaide, when you will be available to attend interviews etc.

Websites www.seek.com.au and www.careerone.com.au



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