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Rugby this weekend


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Not long to go before the family arrives! 1 more weekend! Can't wait.

Are there any other fellow mourners... sorry I meant Bokke Supporters.. who would like to meet up somewhere to watch the game this Saturday 30/08/2008?

I'm in Clarkson but open to any other suggestions NOR.


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Hi Dave,

The only thing is the Rugby won't be on the normal channels unless you have Foxtel.

Okay, I am ignorant, who are they playing?

Let me know and maybe we can make a plan to get together, when are the family arriving.



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Hi Kathy,

My wife and kids arrive next Friday. <_<

The Bokke are playing the Aussies at Ellis Park (Coca-Cola Park now). I was thinking of perhaps at some venue, not to impose myself on someone's household. I don't mind being the solitary bok supporter amongst all the locals, but wouldn't mind a bit of company, especially if the bokke perform in a similar fashion to last week. I know that it's late at night (9pm) and most peeps have kids, so it cant really be a great social event in a family diary.


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