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Gonzy: hello to all


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Hi all,

Our names are Toby and Vero Menezes and we currently live on the Western side of JHB ( Wilro Park). We are in the final process of immigration with most of the paperwork submitted to Aus. and cannot wait to get our feet wet on Brisbane beaches. :ilikeit: This forum and others have been extremely valuable and informative and I thank all of you who have take the time to share your expereinces with us newbies.

I look forward to many more threads to browze and learn.

I have been on the backround and really have just read all the threads and I want to make special mention to someone whom I dont know ( but some how do) for all the comments she has made over the years :unsure: Riekie... thank you for all the information and help you have provided. Kudu's to you and your friends on this forum

enough now

later and cheers


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Hi Jules,

Thanks for the reply.

If all goes well we should be there mid 2007 and can not wait. My wife has family in Brizzie and therfore would be a good base

We are using Hitchcock & Ass as our Migration Agents and so far I can wholly recommend them :ilikeit:

I have checked out a couple fo subsurbs on the Internet and have stumpled across Forest Lake, Do you now of it?



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hi gonzy

my man is op die oomblik in brisbane en hy se dis ongelooflik mooi (en warm) :ph34r:

hy wil net daar gaan vakansie hou. ons bly in sydney en dis ook beautiful. ek dink nie daar is lelike plekke in aus nie!! elke plek het sy eie skoonheid.

sterkte met die laaste dinge!


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