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Desperately need some advice!


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Hey all -

Hope all is well in the wonderful world down under.

Many blessings to the folks of this forum.

I am pretty sure me and my family will join the everlasting flow of traffic to Oz soon.

This is our hope and faith.

Anyway, time for questions again:

Do you need a diploma or degree to be excepted as a skilled applicant? Although i have a diploma in Project Management.

I noticed that i could probably apply under the project administrator or even a intelligence officer class as the "WORD PROJECT MANAGER" by itself don't fall under skilled.

For the project administrator i don't need a diploma, and for the intel-officer i don't have any, but have been in the industry for quite some time now.

If i do have the opportunity for a skilled visa, which one should i choose, or does it really matter?

Last but not the least, i am working in the middle east & would like to visit my sister and family later the year. Just to visit though lol.

Do i need to fly back to SA getting a tourist visa, or can i apply for one online?

If so, how long does it take to get one and how much does this cost?

I would appreciate to get some possitive feedback regarding the above

Thank you for the people of this forum that makes time to aswer these and all other sorts of questions.

Kind R/

Sean (xpat)

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Sorry I cant answer you questions about diplomas etc, but regarding your visa, if you are on a South African Passport unfortunatly you have to apply to an Australian Embassy/High Commission, so you dont necessarily have to return to South Africa to do that.

If you travel on a British Passport and Some of the EU country passports you can apply online for an ETA (electronic Travel Authority)



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Hi all

Hope i can have some feedback on my previous questions.

I had only one reply.

I don't want to be a pain in the budd, but it can help getting that extra info, i need so badly.

Thank you



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Hi Sean

Sorry, but I do not think you will get answers with your above message as people will not know what was contained in your previous message. I went and searched for it and I guess it was the one that Enrica gave you an answer to, so I have merged it with your present topic.

Once again, there are probably not too many people in your situation, so when folks do not have an answer for you, they do not answer, as straight forward as that.

We do, however, have a number of immigration consultants that are members of this website, perhaps you should PM or email one of them and pose your questions to them direct. Here is a link to find them:


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