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Leaving in 4 weeks!!!!!


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Hi guys! Thanks for a great forum and for even better advice.

My husband and I have been nameless readers for some time but due to recent developments have decided to become active members of the site.

Three weeks ago he was offered a position in Brisbane. he is expected there on 29 September and we are due to leave 25 September. The last three weeks have been a whirlwind of paperwork and dealing. But our medicals are on their way to Sydney, our Visa and all the docs are with the agent and are ready to be lodged. Our stuff has been viewed by Stutterfords and they have been approved and booked my husband's employer. Our cats are leaving on 15 September to do a 6 month residency in the US with the in-laws.

Now all we have to do it sit back and relax (and clean everything)!!!!!

I am petrified and excited! I dont know what to expect and I am convinced it will be the loneliest experience. I am so worried we wont make friends. We have such a great support system here in SA. My husband says I am just having a moment. I probably am. I know we have decided to do this for all the right reasons. Its just hard to say good bye - especially when you have no idea what you saying hello to.

Anyway that my story!

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Hi KirstyP and welcome :blush:

Congrats and good luck. Enjoy every minute (I hope that by the time you have time to think about getting stressed, everything will be done and it will be time to relax! :unsure: )

And remember: "Stressed" spelled backwards is "desserts"!! Way to go :blink::lol:

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Hi KirstyP and welcome, couldnt lurk for much longer hey ? This forum gets addictive !!! :unsure:

What visa are you guys going for ? That time frame seems very speedy.

IMHO we all worry about the same things, especially us ladies. Its the great unknown - hang in there.

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Good luck with the move. We will be arriving in Brisbane on the 29th September, staying with some friends in Moggill area. Will be with them for about 7 days to have a LSD.

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Hi, KristyP !

Welcome and enjoy !

Why not contact Nilo ? She seems to be part of the hub of SA activity in Brisbane. You can't go wrong !


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Hallo Kristy!!!

Welcome to the forum!! Well this is at least a good place to start to make good friends! :blink:

Don't worry, you will loooooove Brisbane!! :unsure: I've been here now for a month and am enjoying every moment. I decided not to stress to much about making friends, that will come in due time. For now, I am just trying to find work and get to know the area, and maybe get a hobby/activity that I can do to meet more people!

Enjoy these last few weeks in RSA, spend as much time as you can with your family and friends, and make sure you have all their e-mail and postal addresses!

See you in Brisbane soon!

:ilikeit: Maria

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Hi Guys! Thanks for the warm welcome :ilikeit:

We are applying for a 457 working visa. We are seeing it as a 2 year LSD :ilikeit:

I am also worried about whether or not the visa will be approved on time but by husband's company seems confident and they say if it is delayed a few weeks it no problem either. So we are now waiting!!!!!!!!!

Any idea about a moms group that meets in Brisbane? I have a 16 month old and will be a full-time stay home mom until I find word and space for my son in a nursery school - MAJOR stressed about this one!!!!!! I really want to work, I am a teacher and I love my job but I am worried we wont get Rijk into a school. Any mom's with advice?

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And remember: "Stressed" spelled backwards is "desserts"!! Way to go :ilikeit::blush:

LOL! :lol: That's cute... I think I'll use it! :ilikeit:

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