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Possible Sponsorship


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Hi all,

We've decided to apply for a 475 State Regional Sponsored Visa (South Australia) a coupe of months ago.

The agent assisting us proved to be extremely helpful and professional to say the least and our minds are set on Adelaide. (PM me for her details, she's brilliant)

My wife is employed by an international company and after much persuasion and nagging, she decided to approach her employer for a possible transfer to Melbourne. What gives us hope at this point is that one of her colleagues attempted the same a month or so ago, but with no success. My wife's director on the other hand , reacted positively and mentioned that he will get back to her asap. thumbup.gif

We've spent a bit of money already but we could also save a lot should the sponsorship take place. Not to mention getting out of SA sooner.

Please pray with us for a positive outcome!!!!!!!


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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Hope things go well with the potential sponsorship.

I look forward to hearing the good news soon.

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