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I was just wondering, how do you know whether the area you want to live in has any risk of flooding? Is this something that happens in Melbourne ever? Does insurance cover this risk? Thanks for any response :ilikeit:

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I don't know about Melbourne, but we experienced floods in Emerald, beginning of the year, when I bought my house, I asked the estate agents about the flood areas, and bought in the highest part of Emerald, and didn't have a problem, but I would just take flood insurance if I was in that flood zone, it doesn't happen very often, so I am told.


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Just don't buy or build a house in a flood zone, if you're worried about flooding.

Go to the local council chambers and find out where are the flood zones within the Shire or municipality.

You might be lucky and live with no floods for years and years, then one time the heavens will open and you'll find yourself looking at a wall of water after it's broken the river banks.

Water will always flow across the lowest area, so don't live there.

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