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Het ons aansoek ingedien vir die PR176.

Wag tydperk ?

Is daar iemand anders ook wat PR gedoen het wat kan help met die navraag en goeie raad het.

Lekker dag

Johan & Denice

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9 months and 22 days from date of application to allocation of case officer. Now we have a case officer and we wait.


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Hi Johan & Denice

Though the 176's are supposed to be processed a little faster than 175's there's no solid evidence of this, with the majority taking approximately the same amount of time....anything between 9-15 months, though supposed to take 7-9 (according to our agent, and if you're on the MODL - but then most applicants are!)

Good luck guys, we submitted exactly 1 month ago, so will be waiting in the queue with you.


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Ours was 10 months 5 days from application to visa grant, but all indications are that the processing is slowing down a bit. I would expect 12 months and hope for a little less

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