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German Shepherd Pups

Willem en Luzelle JvR

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Yes, I know, I know. People in this forum are either busy emigrating or already in Oz! The last thing they need is a new dog. But I'll take my chances.

I have a registered German Shepherd girl named Sitka, she is coming along to Oz when we go. (quarantine and all). She is a truly beautiful dog and recently had pups, which are now ready to go to new homes. If you know of people who are interested in purchasing one of these loyal and magnificent dogs, please PM me and I will contact you. They will be good guard dogs for those staying behind! :blink:

The following pups (8wks old) are available:

One Sable-coloured female called Fiachna (von Einfheim)

One Sable-coloured male called Flint (von Einfheim)



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