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Looking for Accountants/Finance positions


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Hi there.

My girlfriend and i have a B com (Hons) degree in Accounting and she has a Masters degree in Tax.

Just 3 questions:

1) Our chances for work (457 visa) in Auz??

2) If we want to move to Auz, do you have to apply for permanent citizenship after a 457 visa (if you wanna stay) or do you qualify automatically?

3) And then, if only one of us gets a visa, is it possible for the partner to go with, without any visa ( if you're married)??



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Hi Henru

1) I think your chances would be good, I would target the big accounting firms, see what they say.

2) Your PR visa is a whole new application. It is a totally separate visa from the 457.

3) If one of you get's a job offer, then the other can be listed on the same visa, but only if you have been living together as a couple. The same applies for PR. Of course if you are married, the same rule counts.

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