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Senior Management Position - where do we begin?


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My husband and I would like to relocate, with our children, to Australia. He is a senior executive with a large retail company with over 20 years Retail Operations experience managing Finance and IT departments and is a qualified management accountant with a post graduate masters degree. As he is over 45 years old he is unable to pursue the skilled visa route, are there alternative avenues available to us? Is the ENS a viable option? Although there are many reports of a skills shortage in Australia, the responses we've received relating to our numerous applications submitted to advertised senior positions haven't been very positive. Any tips on finding a senior management position?


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Greetings. A couple of thoughts:

1. I went the ENS route and applied for a 457 and PR. I am 48 years old, and my age seemed no problem - got 457 in 6 weeks and PR in about 3 months earlier this year.

2. Do a search on www.seek.com.au and use as keyword the word "sponsor" together with your specific area of interest, e.g. "sponsor accountant", and you will find companies advertising positions AND who are willing to sponsor immigrants.

3. I can recommend Diane Macleod of Dimention Recruitment (diane@dimention-recruitment.com.au) - she was so quick and helpful when I needed to talk about employment.

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