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Cheaper shopping in the Monash City


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We arrived in Melbourne end of May. Started with settling and everything. We used to buy our grocereis in Coles, Safeway, Aldi but I am after a bargains... as one can imagine.

My hubby got a chance to speak to a taxi driver and got inside info that Oakleigh has a bit cheaper meat, fruits and veggies. It is predominantly Greek community so there are also nice cheeses, nuts and of course cakes.

We went there last Saturday, and I accutally enjoyed it quite a bit. There is a number of butchers, fishmongers, small market, few clothes shops and Centro.

I think prices are really a bit cheaper, and if you know how to negotiate ( and especially if you can speak Greek) you can get a good deal. ( I am not really into negotiations, so I paid what they asked for).

At the end of our Oakleigh shopping trip we chose a nice coffee place and had lots of Baklavas and the best Tiramisu in a very -very long time.

For anyone who was not in Oakleigh before, it has quite a bit of Southern European feeling ( with good and bad habits of Southern Europe).


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It sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing. Will make a not to check it out on arrival.

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