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Our journey to Oz


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I just needed to tell everyone how good God is. In this whole process of emigrating, we didn't take one step without asking God's blessing, and how he has provided for us!!

We've had quite a few obsticales (spelling??), but we never lost our faith, just kept on trying, finding another way, and kept on praying.

Let me tell you how God has provided for us.

I found a new home for our cats, only 18 hours after I placed an ad in the paper. And after 4 weeks my kitties are adapting to their new surroundings, and are extremely happy. We are going to visit them soon, to say our final farewells.

Our house was sold within 1 month. We had to lower our price, but it's sold, and now we don't have to worry about renting it out and all the problems you can have. No more responsibilities left in RSA.

The same week my car is sold. We also lost about R12 000, but it's sold.

We found a wonderuful couple in Brisbane, who offered us accomodation for as long as we want. She is the PR for the company hubby is going to work for, and as an ex South African, they are opening their hearts and home to us. She believes God send us to her doorstep, and I just know God provided in such a wonderful way for us.

We wrote our IELTS exam on 14 June, and I made it with great marks. Hubby also did wonderful, but, he got 6.5 for his reading. What a disappointment. We were about to lodge our 175. Was lucky in getting a new date very quickly, and he received his results on Thursday. And he now has a 7 bandscore in every section. Today he is taking the final results to our agent, who will send it off to Oz, and by next week Monday our Visa will be lodged.

Hubby got a 457 sponsor. We heard about the job on the forum, and within a week the sponsorship was ours. How great is that? Our medicals arrived in Sydney today, and the agent has lodged our application last week. Now we just wait for our 457 to be approved.

This whole process has been very, very hard, and at times we just felt lost and despondent, but we have achieved so much in only 6 months! It can be done, don't loose faith, because it is our faith that's carried us thus far.

And now we just wait...... and I just know that our 457 will be approved soon! In God's time.

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I hope your story inspires others to keep on hoping, trusting and believing in God.

Without God we can do nothing, with God all is possible.

Good luck with the rest of your plans and may God be with you every step of the way.

I believe you will still be a witness to Him when you are in Australia, I think we are all called to do that for God.

Take Care


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Thank you for sharing with us. It is a very difficult process and certainly easier with God holding your hand! We must keep believing that He has a plan for us, even when things appear to go 'wrong' sometimes!

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Thank you for witnessing how God is great and how much he can do. It is a reminder to our arrival and how much He helped us with every single step in our move.


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That's very encouraging.

God is faithful and he is the same today and tomorrow. He said äsk and you will receive.

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