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Perth Grocery Shopping SOR


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Hi all the Perthians

Apart from shopping at the "usual suspects" (large chains) I really like buying my special goodies and fresh food at the smaller, independent shops. I've slowly started hunting out the stores that I like, but it has sometimes resulted in costly mistakes, so I thought I'd mention a few that I really love.

Fremantle markets: if you can handle the hustle and bustle on a weekend the fresh fruit and veggies are fantastic. I would steer clear of the supermarkets in Freo tho' - they are not at all nice. Then there's the new Fremantle Farmers Market which is next to the golf course and operates Sundays from 7:30 to 12:30 - in addition to fruit and veg you can also get fresh seafood and meat. Added to the freshness there's also the satisfaction of cutting out the middle man and making sure the small producers are getting fair prices. Also in Freo is Kakulas Sisters, which is an offshoot of the famous Kakulas Brothers (see below) in Northbridge.

A conglomerate of different "shops within a shop" is at shop 111 Marshall Road (Off Leach Highway west of Bunnings) Open until 7pm for the working shoppers. There you'll find the best fresh fruit and veg in the near Southern suburbs, Limes Fresh Fruit and Veg Co, a fantastic butchery called Scarfo's Meating Place, a fishmonger, a bakery (with genuine sourdough bread) and an amazing Gourmet Deli which has fresh and imported food and an incredible array of cheese. Right next door is a branch of The Cheesecake Shop and with Bunnings a couple of shops away you're in shopper's paradise!

Mount Pleasant IGA is a bit like one of the upmarket Spars in SA - lots of interesting goodies, but rather expensive.

Kakulas Brothers is not SOR, the shop is in Northbridge, just over the horseshoe bridge, but if you work in the city you MUST go and have a browse. The shop is full of all sorts of wonderful goodies - you can mix and match your favourite coffee beans for instance - and it has a real old world feel to it.

There are heaps more, but those are just my recommendations for starters, Happy shopping


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