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For those that are interested:-


VIP Evening - 14 November 2008

Big Festival Day – 15 November 2008

On 15 November 2008, Creative Events will present The Perth South African Music, Food and Wine Festival, at the picturesque Belvoir Amphitheatre in the Swan Valley. For the first time ever, some of South Africa’s best Afrikaans musicians will come together to spice up the start of the summer and to bring to the Swan Valley an event that will surpass all expectations!

The Festival will showcase three popular South African Musicians i.e. Drie van die Bestes, Arno Jordaan and Nadine, who will be performing up to four hours of sheer music pleasure. People attending the festival, would also be able to appreciate and taste some of South Africa’s favourite foods, wines and other goods by visiting any of the 60 stalls. Face painting, jumping castles and stalls with favourite goodies for kids, will ensure that this festival caters for each and every family member.

Don’t miss this very special event – the future of South African Music, Food and Wine Festivals!!

Entrance, Ticket and Stall Prizes:

1. VIP Evening (Cocktails Upon Arrival, 4 Course Meal and Show): $120/Person

2. Entrance to the Food and Wine Section of the Festival: Free

3. Entrance to the Amphitheatre for the Music Festival:

i. VIP Seating: $45/Person

ii. Normal Seating: $25/Person

4. Stalls: $100/stall


Sound like to could be a great day out for the family.

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Hi Enrica

Do you have to make bookings before hand? Or can one just pay at the intrance?

Thanx for the info.


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You need to make booking for the the VIP Evenning on the 14th AND the music part of the festival on the 15th November.

You can book tickets at www.creativeevents.net.au



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Hi Enrica.

Thanks for posting this info..

I went to the organizers website (http://www.creativeevents.net.au/tickets-event1.php?id=15) to try find out when the performances start ..... no times mentioned.

I also noticed that they state that there is an entrance fee to the festive stalls;

"Entrance to the Food and Wine Section of the Festival - 15 November 2008: $5 (if not attending Music Festival - Kids Under 16 Free)"

Thought I should just let the folks know :)


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I suppose they couldn't really afford Theuns Jordaan, Steve Hofmeyer, Karen Zoid, Parlotones, FPK or others. I think I've heard of Nadine tho' - I think.

Should be a lekka "saamtrek" none-the-less!

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Hope to see some of the Perthians this Satuday - looking forward to the "pannekoek n' koffie"

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Net wat ek ook gewonder het koosdup, sou definitief die 6 ure Brisbane toe aangepak het vir so 'n festival!


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For those that could not make it. This event was well organised, plenty of food stalls and Windhoek lager for all.

It was a great day out.

Manyt hanks to Annelie and her team for a great event.



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We expected more SA wine (not just one stall...) and more beer variety too (heard about accident...) and more SA-stuff in general.

Will not drive three hours especially to attend again. Think if you live in Perth, then it was more worthwhile.

But, we enjoyed the pancakes (real ones, not crumpets!), vetkoek and droe wors, niknaks, marie's, boerewors etc.!

Who stayed for Nadine, Arno Jordaan & Drie van die Bestes?

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Will not drive three hours especially to attend again.

You drove all the way up from Bunbury for that? ouch. Long drive. We only drove 200kms return trip. We actually really enjoyed our afternoon. It was so good to hear Afrikaans again, to hear the accents and to see so many Saffers. As I said it was a good afternoon but a little heavy on the pocket when you buy those must haves:

A packet of 5 small sticks of Biltong: $7

A packet of jelly tots: $2.50

A Boerwors roll: $5.00 x 2

A tin of Coke: $4.00 x 3

A packet of 8 small koeksisters: $12.00

Entrance fee per person $5.00 x 2

Petrol: $30

Total: $83.50

Would I go again? Yes, it is so good to have these things.

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It was great to have a range of SA products to buy .... and good to see so many Saffers :blush:

Well done Annelie, hope you can organize another event within six months. :ilikeit::ilikeit:

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