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Soft toy koala bear


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Hi all,

Me again with the funny questions.

Hubby is coming over to Brisbane in September for 'final interviews' and has been ordered to bring back a soft toy koala for our now-koala-mad 2 year old. As he wont have a lot of spare time, can anyone recommend the best shops to look for one please?

Never been to Aus so have no idea of any toy shop names even! Would Target carry them? Or Myers?

I can get one here for R280 which is about $35 or so, which I think is a tad pricey, but if it helps with the transition to Aus, am willing to get it here.

Thanks all for any input.


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You can get a soft toy koala at any of the "tourist kiosks" prefereably in Town as opposed to the airport.

The size will determine the price. But you can get Koalas from about $10.00 upwards.



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Hi There

In the CBD Queen Street Mall. There is a lot of Souvenirs shops and they have plenty of Soft Toys. Will defenatly be cheaper than $35.

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