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Sport & outdoor in Mandurah


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Is sport such as running, cycling (mountain bike or road), or canoeing big in Mandurah. Are there running or canoeing clubs? What about mountain biking - no mountains, so suppose not?

What about camping etc? Outdoor lifestyle?

I will be arriving in Mandurah on 31 Aug 2008, with my wife and our 3 kids following in December. We love sport (triathlons etc), and the outdoors.

Any info would be welcome.


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Seems like there's quite some cycling activity judging by the clubs and events in the area. Even MTB in the Jarrahdale woods. You won't find climbs like in Sabie but you'll be surprised how much up and down you'll go.

Try www.wa.cycling.org.au for clubs and events and www.triwa.org.au for triathlons with 10+ tri events in a 60km raduis from Madurah. Expect to pay Argus/94.7 entry fees for normal social events :-(

Canoeing clubs are a plenty with all the water around.

No worries about camping and outdoor lifestyle. That's the Western Australian (Ozzie) way of life!

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