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"Must see's" around Brisbane


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So, I will be getting my new little car in the coming week and I was wondering....

What places are good to go to for like a Saturday or Sunday outing? Sort of in a hour's radius around Brisbane.

It will just be me, so I am not looking for family entertainment here, I am more looking for nice scenery, good walks, and the like. :rolleyes:

Thanx!! :blink:

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Dear Maraai,

Congratulations on your arrival in Brisbane :blink: ! We just moved from Brisbane to Melbourne, but the Brisbane attractions are still very evident in my mind… :o

I don’t know where in Brisbane you live, but I suggest you take a drive up to Mt Coot-tha Lookout! We went there quite a number of times to have coffee (although the coffee there is not very good :rolleyes: !). Also take a drive to Mount Tamborine… Lovely lovely!!! A very dear friend of mine took me to Songbirds when we just arrived. If you do visit Mount Tamborine, make sure that you have a walk through Gallery walk… Reminded me of Dullstroom’s little shops. We LOVED Lone Pine Sanctuary and that is where I held a Koala and fed Kangaroos for the first time :ilikeit: ! Take a ferry / city cat to South Bank and have a lovely Greek meal there… I can’t remember the name of the restaurant, but there are number of very nice restaurants. Bulimba was also one of my favourite spots. You can take the City Cat to the Bulimba Ferry Stop.... Walk up in Oxford Street and have a nice cappuccino in one of coffee shops. James Street in New Farm was another favourite :ilikeit: . Beautiful little speciality shops!!! Another option for you is to go for a walk in Roma Parklands or along the river. I once went to Roma Parklands with a picnic blanket and read all day, but do it now before the humidity kicks in!!!

There is so much to do in and around Brisbane! Enjoy!

Lovies, Pippa! X

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<_< Thanx for the input A & Pippa!

I am here on the South side. From the neighbourhood park one can actually see Mt' Coot-tha (but I still need to go up there!) and according to one of the (friendly Auzzie) neighbours, the mountains way down south is on the New South Wales / Queensland border. On my first day here we went up to Mt'Gravatt so I could get a good overview of the area.

I saw Wellington point (closest “sea†I think!) very quickly last Saturday and will definitely need to go back there for a more leisurely visit – still need to get my toes in the Pacific Ocean!

I went to the city yesterday and suffered a bit form "Information Overload"!!! But I tested the Translink bus system and am impressed! It is definitely better than having to park in the city.

Still have lots more exploring to do.... :blink:

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