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Wangarrata Victoria


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Hi there

I was just wondering if anyone can give me some info on Wangaratta - did a search on the internet, but would like to know if someone can add some more personal information.



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Hi bienkie,

I was in Wangaratta in 2003, and then again this year. It's not a bad town. I have noticed that in the 5 years it has developed a lot, with new shops, factories and improvements being done to the roads.

In terms of the actual city/town I would compare it to somewhere like Pietermaritzburg in KZN, or even Paarl without the Wine Farms.

It's big enough to be able to find work and not have to travel to big cities to shop, yet small enough to not feel like you're in the rat race. I guess it depends on what you do for a living - there's not much of a corporate feel in the city, as it's more like a big town.

We have friends (a teacher and an engineer) that live there (bought a beautiful 4 bedroom A-frame house on 5 acres in 2003 for $200,000!!! I'm afraid those bargains are long gone, as with anywhere...) and they seem to enjoy it.

It's close to the ski-regions, so there is some breathtaking scenery and some great camping holidays (in summer) and some ski-ing holidays (in winter) to be had. Needless to say, the winters would be pretty chilly, with some snow in the region, and the summers are hot!

If we didn't rely on Melbourne city for work, I reckon we'd move up there in a flash.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks Hansa

If things work out for us we might be moving there, so it is nice to hear that other people enjoy staying there!


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