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Administrative Assistant


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Job Title:

Administrative Assistant


1 Mail:

Sort mail, enter mail records for incoming and outgoing mail, distribute mail around the office, take mail to the Post Office.

2 Shipping:

Package and ship trading goods to clients (domestic and overseas), organise courier services, book pick up.

3 Filing:

File documents according to the company filing systems, retrieve documents on request.

4 Debt Collection:

Ring or write to clients to collect outstanding payments.

5 Bookkeeping:

Entering customer invoices, allocating payments, entering information and maintaining CRM database, entering supplier invoices, set up payments.

6 Banking:

Deposit cheques at bank.

7 Office Supplies:

Maintain general stationery, office and kitchen supplies.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

1 Accurate mail records keeping and courier pick up coordination.

2 Accurate and timely filing of documents.

3 Effective debt collection.

4 Accurate data entry (Quickbooks & CRM) and banking.

Person must have a valid working VISA for Australia.

Salary is $50,000 plus 9% superannuation per annum.

Working hours are 9 to 5 with 1/2 hour lunch (7.5 hours per day)

PM me, should you be interested.

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