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Hi Everyone


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Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. I'm in Durban, I'm single and going across to Oz on my own. I've just submitted my 175 visa application last week, 16 July. Still hoping to get a sponsored visa in the meantime. It feels like the waiting game never ends with all this.

Having what I call a "freak out!" few days where the whole thing seems too much to handle.

Just wanted to say hi, and I think the forum is great, I've learn so much from it already and it helps so much to hear that you're not alone in so many of the issues you face in this process.

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Hi Wendy,

Welcome to your new family!

The waiting game can be very tiring and all the other emotions that goes with it. Come visit here when you need a 'pick me upper', many of us experience the same emotions.

Where would you like to settle once in Oz?

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Welcome WendyJ

Good on you for having the guts to do it on your own.

If you ever have any questions or just need to let off steam there are plenty of us here to help.

Perhaps more info about your occupation and where you would like to settle might enable members of the forum to offer a guiding hand and some practical advice in looking for a sponsor.

Good luck with everything

Andrea L

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Hey Wendy and welcome to the forum!!

Plenty of Durbanites here!

Take care,


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Hi again. Thanks for all the good wishes.

Thought I'd add some more info. I'm an accountant, already got my skills assessment and made it onto the MODL list which was a huge relief.

Wrote the dreaded IELTS in Dbn on 28 June, and finally got results last week. That was the last bit outstanding on the application - so was anxious to get it. Am so happy to never have to deal with British Council again.

I'm thinking of heading to Melbourne, I have a very good friend there already and know of a few others going there too.

Although am also thinking of Sydney.

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Hi WendyJ,

I also sent 175 after IELTS did ours on 19 July - so we will be on the same time line.

I am in Cape Town though going to Perth

Same profession as you but my daughter is main applicant - I am a bit long in the tooth for Aus

Welcome to this Forum

I have started going through my stuff deciding on furniture etc

House is on the market - someone coming to see this evening so hold thumbs!


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Hi WendyJ,

Welcome to your newest ADDICTION, you have made the best decision ever. Ok maybe 2 - 1 to go to OZ and 2 join this forum.

This is the family you have never met eye to eye but seems as if they have been there forever. Not a day go by that you won't be on this site for information about something or just to chat.

Good luck


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Hi Wendy

Welcome - Warning this site is very very addictive.

Lots to learn and share

keep us posted on your progress


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You guys are sooo right. I am addicted to this site.

Whenever it all seems too overwhelming it really helps to hear how others are coping.

Any idea how long the 175 visa process is taking these days? Should I be looking to sell my house now?

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Hi Wendy we wrote our IELTS on 28th as well and submitted RSMS application today. Good luck and to get an idea of processing times try this link www.freewebs.com/saaustraliaforum.

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