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Equivalent to makro

Miss H

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I am looking for a shop in Perth that is similar to Makro. I would like to buy toilet paper, nappies etc in bulk and cheaper than what you get it in the shops. Any places like this around?

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We used to have a Makro in perth about 2-3 years ago, but even then, it was nothing like Makro SA.

There is not really such a shop in Perth, the closest is FAL , but then you really have to jump thru hoops do be able to get a card........very difficult to obtain!!!

The closest that you get to buying in bulk is shop for the specials, then you can buy in bulk!!!



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I know the american giant Costco has plans to settle down under. I believe Makro is a tiny spot compared to them. But seems like they won't be heading to Perth soon. Focus will be on the east coast for starters. See links below on Costco's expansions down under. Their biggest attraction is not so much their size but their prices on electronics, even cars, housewares which includes day-to-day groceries and fresh produce.



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Hi there

You can get a card for metcash if you belong to westscheme, a superannuation, I had one when I worked at Wooloies.

You might try Campbells Cash and Carry, 218 Bannister Rd, Canningvale.

There are a number of large traders of seafoods and veg etc right along Bannister Rd, Canningvale Market Seafood is located at 280 Bannister Rd, Canningvale.

Andrea L

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