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Travelling to USA from Melbourne

Dan Tanne

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Hi all,

I have to travel to the USA next year as my brother is getting married in New York.

I plan to fly over from Melbourne via LA and then connect to the East coast of USA. Going to spend a week with the kids at Disney world Orlando, and a wek in New York.

I want to extend the trip and go for 3 weks, so I need to know what to do in the remaining week. I was thinking of Atlanta.

I loved Washington DC, but dont think my kids will appreciate that as they are too young.

Has anyone that has travelled to the USA or knows the USA got any advice for me.

My kids will be 8 and a half, 6 and a half and 3 when we travel.

We will be travelling in June/July so it is summer over there.

Was also thinking of a 5 day Caribean cruise, but was advised against it by friends who go every year on different cruises, as they say it is so hot at that time and therefore will be tough on the kids.

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Hi Dan Tanne.

It might be an idea to register on the SAUSA forum and post your query there. There are lots of very helpful people on this Forum who would be only too happy to give you ideas of where to spend that extra week. There are quite a lot of SA'ns in the Atlanta area who would be able to give you links to interesting places and things to do at that time of the year. June, July is pretty hot and humid in Louisiana but here is a link to give you an idea of what the State has to offer. I live in South West Louisiana (Cajun Territory) which is very French. I love it here!

Louisiana Travel

You have plenty of time to plan your vacation so pop across to the SAUSA Forum to find out where all the members' favorite spots are. Someone has just posted asking about places of interest in Florida and one of the responses suggested a visit to the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral. They also recommended this Restaurant - going by the web site - it looks like it could be quite an experience! :ilikeit:

Cafe' TuTu Tango

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Hi Dan

June/July/Aug are the best months to go cruising in the Carribean. Also the time of year where there are no tropical storms expected!!!

The kids will be either in airconditioned entertaiment or in water!!!!

With such young kids I personally dont feel that you want to be spending to much time in airport and on planes getting to to many destinations.

I think you kids might enjoy a few days in Washington, the Smithsonian and the American History Meuseums are great fun for kids.

They might not appreciated all the memorials

If you are considering a cruise of the Carribean or the Mexican Rivereira then perhaps think about a Disney cruise - they have cruises out of Port Canaveral


have fun planning



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Hi Dan

Tough one for the kids. A week at Disney World in Orlando sounds wonderful, but what do you do for an encore.

Atlanta is great but only really Six Flags (massive amusement park) and Stone Mountain to visit. How about a week in Bermuda while you in that part of the world, beautiful but a bit pricey. Hire two scooters put a kid on the back of each one and tour the island.

What about a week in LA, You will have done a week at Disney World in Orlando, so you could skip Disneyland, but you could take the kids to Universal studios, Long Beach to see the Spruce Goose and the Queen Mary, visit Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood, Malibu etc etc.



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Awesome. Thanks so much for the feedback.

Because it is still a year away I will definately go to the usa forums and get their feedback.

I looked into the Disney cruises, but they have a very small fleet of ships, so the cruise dates dont suit.

I was last in USA in 1994 so there are a lot of things that I do not remember, and I am certain a whole heap of things that have changed alot.

I agree to try stay out of airports etc with 3 screaming kids.

Thanks again.

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