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bob's travels across N.S.W. and into Q'ld


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In 1921, two former Australian soldiers sat in a Queensland pub talking about the convenience air travel would bring to the people of Queensland's Outback.

They were both mates from the First World War.

Hudson Fysh was a gunner / observer and chose a pilot from among the Australians to fly with.

The pilot he chose had the least bullet holes in his machine.

Later, they began Australia's first airline.

Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services . . . . . or QANTAS . . . . was born.

It is one of the olderst airlines in the world.

It is the safest airline in the world.

Not one QANTAS plane has crashed in 77 years of flying!

It was decided at an early board meeting to enlist the help of a wealthy Queensland grazier and the company headquarters and hangar to be based in Longreach.


In 2006, QANTAS flew a Boeing 747 to be parked at Longreach airport, the original airport for the company


the hangars


one of QANTAS's first planes



early QANTAS passenger bus


Uniform in the 1950s


and 1970s


a World War 2 Douglas DC8 flown by QANTAS to support Australian troops in south east Asia



there's an excellent airline museum in Longreach


inside the original QANTAS hangar




If you have any doubts whether QANTAS will get you all safely to Australia, rest assured they've been in the business for over three-quarters of a century without a hitch

It all began in this Outback town with 3 500 people living in it!

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Thanks again Bob,

I have seen Longreach on Travel Chanel a few times, but I must say, your foto's and writing gives more info that is relevant to a traveler than their shows. I think they should maybe hire you to help with the contents of their OZ travel shows.

Love to read about your travels. :whome:

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I agree Maggel, Bob does a splendid job in promoting AUS. Hes even taught me what Qantas stands for. (I honestly didnt know that !!!)

Keep the travels coming Bob.

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