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PHP Guru Developers Wanted


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We are the fastest growing Technology company in Australia and are in search of enthusiastic, Motivated and gifted PHP developers. If you think you have what it takes to thrive in a foozball playing, Xbox addicted company read on.


Working in a creative and dynamic team, you'll be involved in the development and extension of HOT online applications using your PHP and MYSQL skills.

We encourage working outside the square so of course you will be involved in other parts of the team leveraging any other skills you have or wish to imprve on or learn.

- Building core web functionality in PHP

- Developing online PHP applications

- Coding in HTML/CSS/JavaScript

- Building mobile applications

- Liaising with internal clients

The Candidate

You will have broad expierence in developing web and PHP applications

Expertise in:

- PHP and MySQL


- Css/JavaScript

- Linux and WAP expierence a bonus

Your ability to interface and use SQL databases will be crucial to your success. WAP development skills are a bonus but not essential.

Located near Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW, we have it all.

Contact us today to find out more along with your Australian Visa Status and expected date of arrival (if not already in Australia).

Please PM us if you are interested so that we can give you the email address to send your resume through. Please do not PM us your resume or post any contact details on this post.

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