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CorneJ: Corne and Rocco


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What an awesome site - I wish I had discovered it earlier! We are flying out to Perth on 15 July, on a 457 sponsored visa. Most of our stuff is taken care of already, but I am completely addicted to this forum and constantly look up all those little things that spring to mind as we head towards our moving date! Our furniture has been shipped, our flights are booked, and we're looking around at houses and schools in the meantime. This is an experience that nobody understands except those that are going or have already been through it. This is why I find the forum to be so fantastic - it's a wonderful support!

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I hope you have a wonderful experience settling in and getting to know the new country!

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Hi Corne

Jislaaik, the 15th is around the corner! Must be extremely excited. :rolleyes:

You are right, the forum is so refreshing. You can only talk to your friends and family to a point about your move.

Welcome and all the best.

Please keep us up to date..


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Hi Corne,

Welcome, you seem well on your way !!

People staying behind just dont understand our decision to leave, so at least here we are all in the same boat.

Please keep us updated on your progress. Good luck !

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Welcome to the forum Corne!

Keep us posted with your move across...

And tell us more about yourself, what you do - how you got your 457 etc etc... we're a nosy bunch!

No - seriously, it just helps the rest of us know the processes for other people.

No really seriously - we're just nosy! :blush:


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