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Adelaide visit


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Hi there to all you helpful Adelaide folks - not sure if posting in right "place" - but here goes anyhow.

My husband is arriving in Adelaide on Sunday from Dubai for an investigative visit - was wanting to enquire whether any of you folk know of a good car rental company to use - notice on the adelaide brits forum that there are recommendations for aussiecar rentals - contact person by name of Brian - anyone perhaps used these people. Another quick question - does anyone think it would also be a good idea if my husband tried to attend the monthly get together I think it is of the SA network in Adelaide - not sure if he can attend as a guest though - but thought it would be a good way to gain an overview of life in Adelaide thru SAfrican eyes?

Many thanks in advance for any replies.

Ciao for now.


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Hi ggd,

I wish I was your post earlier <_< , i could have fetched him and shown him around before taking him to a car rental company. I will send you a PM with my details, let him call me any time. The next get together is at the Hackney hotel in Hackney road i think the first Thursday of each month. Anyone is welcome for a chat etc.

Best of luck, Adelaide is a great "town"

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Every last tuesday in the month . . . . . i.e. tomorrow . . . is the South African network meeting in the Hackney Hotel, beginning at 6pm.

Tell him a.s.a.p. to get along to it before he books his day up.

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