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Protecting our Forum Kids

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The Youth Forum is now only visible to registered members (no longer to guests & validating members).

Just another measure to keep our kids safe from cyber predators. :lol:

Take 2:.....

In light of the recent mud-slinging going on about posts in the youth section and to clarify: All registered members are allowed in the youth subform. However, adults should either offer advice or stay out!! No picking on the kids or trying to discipline them. That's what their parents are for. If they break the forum rules, the host team will deal with them in an appropriate manner.

These are kids - leave them alone!! Anyone getting into an argument with a kid in the youth subforum, attack them or make sarcastic remarks about anything (that includes spelling, manners, swearing!!) will be banned!!

Adults, if you want to jump at each other's throats, stop doing it in the youth subforum - talking about trying to teach the kids something... Look at yourselves! :ilikeit: We've never had to warn any of the kids on our forum about their conduct - I can not say the same about the adults... Think about that...

Everyone clear on the rules now?

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