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Die van der Merwe's


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Hallo everyone

I've been getting very usefull info from the forum for a while now, so I decided it is time to introduce myself. My name is Cornette and my husband (Nico) and I together with our 2 kiddies (4 & 2) have started the process (which is going to take some time) to move to Aus. Not a very easy decision to make, but we believe it will be for the best. We will try to attend to the Coffee Club meeting on the 19 th to meet some of you. Thank you to all for sharing their experiences, problems and helpfull ideas.


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Hi Netta,

bly om te sien jy het toe 'n boodskap "ge-post".

For anyone ells reading this message Cornette is my sister and she still needs a bit of convincing that moving to Oz is the right thing, and I'm sure you guys will provide her with enough information to make her realise that Oz is a great place.


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Hi Cornette,

You two have such lovely names! Nice to have you join us here, Cornette.

One of these days Rustenburg is going to be a 'spookdorp' and we'll have to rename some towns in WA to Rustenburg. There are SO many of you guys out here! Must be because of the mining.

Hope you find what you are looking for, I'll be glad to help if I can.



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