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Church recommendation in Melbourne?


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Hi guys

My 15 year-old cousin who lives in Melbourne is visiting South Africa at present, and when having lunch with her and her brother on Monday here in Pretoria, she mentioned how she misses Moreletapark NG church, which used to be the church she and her family went to when they were still living in RSA.

Can anyone please recommend a similar church in Melbourne? - one where there's lots of Christian youth activity? She and all her friends used to be very involved at church and I think she, my aunt and uncle are battling to find a church where they feel they 'belong'.

They live in the suburb of Mentone, but would obviously be willing to travel to other areas in Melbourne if need be.

Any recommendations would be very welcome!

PS: I realise I could have posted this in the 'Spiritual Life' category, but seeing that it's city-specific, I chose 'Melbourne community' instead.

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Hi Kangaroo

My son and his family go to City Life Church, I have posted the link to their website below. They have three daughters, a 19 year old and twins of 17, they are all involved at church and thoroughly enjoy it.


The only other suggestion I can make is to check out the church in Wonga Park that has Afrikaans services. Their details are in 'Things you may want to know about Melbourne' under communities, Melbourne.

Good luck, I hope they find what they are looking for.

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Thank you Mara! :) - I really appreciate it.

City Life Church looks like a great place. Will forward this info to my cousin - I'm sure she'll be very happy about it.

THANKS again!

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No problem, hope they enjoy it if they go there!

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