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Bali - mosquitoes?? Malaria??


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Hi all,

We're going for a two week trip to Bali from next week. I heard a rumour it's rife with Malaria - any truth to that?

Would anyone recommend taking malaria pills beforehand?

Any thoughts will be appreciated...

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When we visited Bali no Malaria warning where issued, nor did we take any precautions beforehand. Someone else on this forum might have had a different experience.

If in doubt please contact your travel agent for the correct facts which will surely put your mind at ease.

Enjoy Bali,


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Hi Legalbuff,

I would recommend that you contact the Travel Clinic in Perth ( I am assuming that you are here now) and if you are - welcome to Perth

You do need to be aware of Dengue fever ( which is also mosquitos disease) but honestly thats more in the mountains and in the rainny season which is Novemebr thru to feb

PS Please never self medicate for malaria!!!!Different strains of Malaria for different countries




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