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Hi there

Looking for another pharmacist that has emigrated from Cape Town to Australia.In the research process,seek advice regarding place to go,exams to be written etc.

Your help would be really appreciated!

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I have a very good friend, a pharmacist for a number of years, but living in PE for the last 3 years. Sorry, not CT, but close.

Now, she was the one who actually started us off on the Australia idea about 3 months ago - in earnest - and now she is not going anymore. She claims that the Aus registration body for pharmacists is very strict on entry, and she is no light-weight worker; she is very sharp and experienced in hospital, production, and retail contexts. But she said that they would require her to do entrance exams, without detailing the work she needs to cover / learn, etc. So she got fed up and went off the idea of Aus.

But she still wanted to migrate elsewhere, and found a placement agency looking for pharmacists to go to the USA. She met with them about a fortnight ago, all went well, and she signed a contract. Will be going over in Dec and she is looking forward to her move.

If you would like more info, PM me and I'll see is she will email you. I'm in another career line, that Aus seems to comprehend better?!?!



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Am not a pharmacist, but met a lady here in Brisbane who is a pharmacist. They come from Zimbabwe and she is quite upset by the fact that her pharmacy degree from Rhodes university in South Africa is not given the recognition she feels it deserves.

Will check the facts with her if you would like, but I know she is looking at going into another field here because it would take something like two years for her to complete the necessary course. Let me know if you would like more facts.

Cheers Alrae

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Het twee groepe pelle hier ontmoet wat Dr. is en een het n apteek hier vir al n hele paar jaar.Pieter op die forum verkoop natuurlike produkte[Rep vir apteke] en het hom gaan chat toe hy op n LSD trip by ons kom bly het.Hy het nogal vir hom nice contacs gegee om mee te begin.Laat weet of ek dalk met iets kan help.

Cheers Albert.

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