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The job market down under


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I just got an email from Jobserve.com.au that has a number of links in it, covering news regarding skills, migrants etc. Some of it is a couple of weeks old, but not much will have changed.

I thought I'd share it with all y'all. If there was every any doubt that there would be difficulty finding work...

Residents leaving Sydney for work elsewhere


One in five people living in Sydney are considering moving, with one motivation being finding work elsewhere.

A total of 21 per cent of the 986 people polled were said to be considering leaving the city to move elsewhere in the country, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Migrants fill more than half of country's vacancies


Migrants filled over half of the 240,000 job vacancies in the country last year as there were not enough locally skilled people to fill the positions.

Rather than the current impression that migrants take work from locals the latest official data shows that they take positions which h locals are not skilled for, reports the Australian.

Employees 'want to work longer hours'


People are struggling to work the hours they need to and more people are choosing to move states to find extra work.

A survey by the Bureau of Statistic showed that over half a million workers cannot squeeze the hours they need from their current job with the "under-utilisation rate" standing at 8.9 per cent, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Skills shortages leave states competing for candidates


State governments are battling it out to win highly skilled workers and fill job vacancies, reports a source.

The battle began when Western Australian (WA) education minister Mark McGowan visited other states to encourage teachers to work in his area, reports ABC News.

Skilled vacancies fall by over 6%


The number of available skilled jobs fell by six per cent last month compared to statistics from February 2006.

Figures released by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) showed that a fall of 2.2 per cent had also occurred between January and February this year.

Graduates 'need grammar courses to stop using text speak'


Employers feel compelled to offer graduates writing courses as too many are using text speak and slang in job applications.

Graduates are using text message abbreviations and slang words in applications but employers and education institutes do not want to offend universities by mentioning the issues, Ben Reeves of the Australian Association of Graduate Employers told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Highly skilled IT workers in huge demand


Highly-skilled IT professionals are in huge demand among employers in Australia amid unstable economic conditions, it has been suggested.

Employers face a challenging and competitive technology market in 2008 and the IT skills market will continue to get tighter, Diversiti chief executive Deborah Howard told Australian IT.

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