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Hi there,

I am new to the site & to the immigration process. so please excuse my ignorance?

We are thinking about immigrating to Australia & being myself, I have a millions of questions. I have read the list on what must be done but I have some other questions:

- How much money do we need to take accross to help us getting set-up on that side?

- what tax implications are we looking at in this case?

- My husband is a Desk Top Publisher (printing industry). His job specification consists of the following:

- He is the Manager for SA Greetings – he currently manages 3 departments:

DTP Department

Computer to Plate department

Pre-press department

His work encompases the following:

he designs most of the cards for Cardies, he designs their banners, he executes the show-setups at all expo's, he installs & maintains all the software in his department (they operate on Applemac’s), he maintains the server in his department, maintains the computer to plate system (APOGEE X) machine & software on this machine,he also maintains the software in the pre-press department.

to summarise: he maintains the software, server & manages the people in all 3 departments. He is therefore a Qualified Fotolithographer with 13 years experience in DTP. His has extensive knowledge in the following software:


Free-hand MX


What we need to know is: is there a demand for his type of job in the market?

What kind of a salary can he expect?

- I am a perfume freak - can I take these with considering how strict their rules are...

- I am trying to assess what type of changes we need to make in terms of our lifestyle. Will we still be able to take the kids on outings?, will we still be able to buy perfume, will I still be able to go to a hairdresser for a haircut & maybe have my nails done?

- What electricity voltage is used in Australia - the same as in SA - 220 volt?

I know that this is a mouthfull & I would appreciate any assistance in this regard.


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Hi Michelle

And welcome to the forum. My suggestion is make yourself a big cuppa coffee and have a good read , most of your questions have been anserwed

on the forum.

Job market, best put his resume out on career one and seek and various other sites , which have been covered before. Test the market and see what salary he can expect.

Perfume, there are import limitsinto any country, then you start paying duty if you are over your limit. Its also not advisable to pack your perfumes into your container, as the heat build up can spoil the actual fragrances .

Yes you can buy perfume here. You have an even wider selection that in SA. This is after all a first world country.

Regarding your lifestyle, sorry we dont know what your lifestyle is, only you can answer that. You need to weigh up for yourself if it is going to be worth it for

you and your family. Do you want quantity or quality of life? Dont kid yourself, it will always be tough in the beginning.

Have a good read, and then if you have further questions or queries fire away.


Enrica :thumbdown:

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