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Workers needed in Queensland


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Hi All,

Check out this article, should be quite interesting for all those contemplating a move to Aus and Queensland more specifically!


We need workers over here! :( For all those struggling to get by in SA or elsewhere, what with AA and BEE, "where the bloody hell are you?"

No seriously - to me working in the HR field this is truly astonishing :whome: - coming from a country where unemployment is rampant! We are struggling with exactly the opposite here in Australia. This was frontpage news in the Courier Mail (main paper of Brisbane/Qld) last Saturday!

Get yer buts over here BUG! :blush:

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Guest colton

It is unbelievable, as you say in SA we are battling to get jobs but if you are in the right market you can have your pick in Australia! Hubby is 45 years old and every job he applied for he got, it is incredible. :ilikeit: We eventually had to stop applying, there was just too much choice. Why I mentioned age is because that is another thing I noticed, most of the workforce in Aus. is "older", in their 40's, compared to SA where your age counts against you.

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Hey chatterbox, great link, very promising to know that there is a demand for people in Australia.

You were saying that you are in HR, my girlfriend and i are still in SA, hoping to move to Aus in the next couple of months. I was wondering what the HR industry is like there and how difficult it would be to find an HR job. My girlfriend has about 6 months of experience working in an HR department for a large IT company in joburg. She has a Bcom HR and is busy studying towards her Honours. Any advice is appreciated :)

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Please see my letter under queries,tips and news. We have to get in Aus asap. My husband is an accountant with Aus Tax Law. We are all packed and ready to go.

Please help!!


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