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IELTS - 16 Feb writers ...

Deon d

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Hi All

For those who wrote IELTS on the 16th of Feb. I phoned the awesomely effectively and super efficient British Council today, apparently the results are back from the UK and is being mailed by 2pm to writers. So we should be expecting our slips in the next couple of days - well that's what they said in any case. And for those that have worked with them you know what they say and do are ..... well you know I don't have to remind you.

So good luck, my nerves are starting, will I get the elusive 7 per band ...


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Hi Adeleb

Wat ek nie gaan doen nie is om dit weer te skryf, ons opsie 2 is South Oz sponsorship, dan sal ons net in Adelaide eindig, jy het net 'n 6 per band nodig vir dit (as jou job op hulle lys is), maar ons harte is op Melbourne.

Na die reading het ek nog nie weer aan vis geraak nie.


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Hi there

We wrote in Sydney on 16 Feb and were promised the results 10 working days later. I logged in yesterday 10 days exactly and our results were there. We were freaking because we thought we might need the extra points depending how ACS access our skills so were really wanting over 7s'.

Our results

Listening 8.5 (hubby) 8.5 (self)

Reading 7.5 (hubby) 7

Writing 8 8.5

Speaking 9 9

Overall 8.5 8.5

Strangely enough both of us were most worried about listening and writing and that was fine and the reading we were confident in and thats where our lowest mark was.

Good Luck hope you all get your results soon.


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Hi daar,

wag nog in spanning vir uitslae. Sal maar maandag 'miesies Thandi' in Jo'burg moet bel :lol: Maar Deon, ek sal ook 'not a sokkie' weer skryf nie...sal maar eerder laat oormerk, lyk my dit werk ;)(nes daai medisyne op TV) Ek sal kan aansoek doen vir Victoria want my ambag is op MODL.... maar nou sit my sussie in Brisbane!!!


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Well, the best of British luck!!! I am already stressing and only writing in June

Thinking of you


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