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Hi All

My daughter gets tonsillitis frequently. Here they will take it out by the time she is 2. However, she is now 16 months old and we will be going to Melbourne within the next 1-1.5 months. Does anyone have experience with tonsils being taken out in Aus and at what age will they consider doing it?

I will get her full medical history from the GP and paeditrician to take with me.

We are going on a 457 and still need to get private medical.

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Hi there

My daughter's tonsils and adenoids were taken out over here when she was 18 months old - we had to wait for her to reach 10kg for it to be done at a private hospital (there was a 3 month waiting list the the public hospital).

Our GP was fairly sceptical and unenthusiastic, but the ENT specialist was very supportive. When you get here you will need to get a GP to refer you to a specialist.

Good news - she has been a different child ever since and grew an inch within a month of having them out, so if your daughter is struggling it really can make a huge difference!

Good luck!


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Thanks Claire. My little "bokkie" has only recently reached 10kgs, but I feel better knowing that if it stays a problem we can get something done about it. I hate for her to be sick so often, but otherwise she is just the best little toddler ever and doesn't even complain much when not feeling well.

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Hi, my 2-cents' worth. My boy, all of 3, had frequent infections and breathing trouble at night. ENT finally recommended adenoid removal, and it's been like a switch went on! He's eating like a horse, put some meat on his bones, full of energy and sleeping like a dream.

Only problem is - if you're on a 457, you might have a waiting period before they pay for an existing condition. Check with IMAN - they seem to have the most reasonable waiting periods from the insurers that I have spoken to.

We're going on a 457. When my son had his adenoidectomy, the doc also put a grommet in his left ear, which needs a follow-up check-up in about 6 months....not sure if med insurance will cover it cos it might be a pre-existing condition but....what the heck, it could've been worse!!

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