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Im looking for a job in Australia. Im an Engineering Planner/Scheduler at the moment. I have experience in MS Projects 2000/2003/2007 and SAP PM/MM.

If anyone can help me with a few good leads as to where i can begin to look for a job in Australia i will be very happy.

I applied for a lot of jobs via Seek but i was not lucky so far.


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I suggest you go to www.yellowpages.com.au and select 'engineering' companies if that is whom you would likely work for, it will give you a list of them, then those that have web addresses, visit them, send your cv with a covering letter explaining that you would need to be sponsored on a 457...I know of a few that have received job offers this way.

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Thank you Mara

I will tell Dolf to do so..... i will hold tumbs this will work because he gets a bit depressive about it.

But i know at the right time we will be lucky too!!! The right job is somewhere out there, i know!!!


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Hi Ineke, I have recently started sending our CV's out to companies in the yellow pages and it is worth it. You definitely do get interested companies responding. So keep at it! We dont have an offer yet but we have had some good bites. Far more than through recruitment agencies.

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