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A Brit just told me that during his visit to SA


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A british bloke just told me about his holiday in SA. Apparently, when they arrived at OR Tambo there was no one to check their passports, no one to even put a stamp into their passports and the whole flight just went straight through without being controlled.

I put this in the funnies because it is becoming a joke. No wonder we have millions of illegal immigrants in South Africa! And the best part is that he almost missed his flight back home because he did not have a stamp in his passport and no one at the airport knew where he came from etc.

Another thing the guy complained about was the fact that he got treated very badly by former under-privledged people. (I hope that is politicaly correct) and he could not understand why he was treated that way...

Welcome to Africa, hey!??

(Apart from the above, he really enjoyed it)

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