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Hi, we are new to the forum and would like to thank the contributors for all the info.

We were also the type that said never to immigration, but we also didn't expect our country to become what it has.....

Needless to say we are considering our options and if we can actually get in.

I did a search but couldn't find the result I was looking for,

If you have a euro passport do they take look at your visa application more favorably? (I know, it’s a shot in the dark)

What are the chances of getting a visa if you are under 30, no after ‘secondary education’, but have two South African businesses?

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Hi Ash, welcome to the forum.

As I suggest to all newby's, park your derrier in front of the PC and read and read and read until you'r eyes are sore!! Not only the forum but also the AUstralia Immi website.

Good luck


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welcome Ash :ilikeit: I think there are alot of people on this forum that said they wouldn't leave but now have changed their minds... I'm sure all your questions will be answered soon, everyone on this forum is very helpfull in getting you on the right track.

Good luck with your application :ilikeit:

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Hello eric (Ash?), and welcome! :D

I can't answer those questions, but I'm sure someone here will have some helpful information.

All the best on this crazy/wild/terribly slow/exciting/daunting/maddening/satisfying experience! :D


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:D Hallo Eric, welcome to the forum!!!

Like Nilo said, read, read and read. :ilikeit: Have a very good look around www.immi.gov.au as most of your questions will be answered there.

There are a few on the forum who are applying for business visa's but your experience could be enough to get you a job & sponsored visa like the 457. All the different visa options are explained on the immi site.

Where there is a will, there is usually a way!

<_< Maria

ps. your avitar is driving me crazy :D

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Welcome aboard the roller coaster for the ride of your life


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Guest natalie3

Hi..i am capable of getting a euro passport but it has to be from certain countries ..then u wont have to write the english test..i think england,scotland etc...the immi.gov.au will have that under exemptions..

Your skills/experience count even if u dont have a degree,,,but u need 6 years experience ( i stand corrected) if it is a trade with no degree,,,,must be under 45 ..no criminal record,,,BUT...an agent is pricey but will at least tell u straight what your chances are...dont play...do your homework before u spend big bucks on applying,,,R500 is about the average for a consultation.better to spend that than waste R40 000!

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