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We would like to go to Bali and need some info. I have been searching the net, but dont seem to find details on where in Bali to go. We are early 30's with a 1 and half year old daughter. We love off the beaten track - not overrun with tourist places and would like to be on the beachfront. I have tried to get info on Nusa Penida Island, but struggled. Any advice on where we can go or is everything so close together that it does not matter where you stay??

Any input from fellow forumites that's been to Bali will be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Frenchy

I have been to Bali on several occassions, but have not visit Nusa Pendia Island. Basically you are going to have some problems getting information

this end regarding accommodation etc on the island. My recommendation would be to spend a few days in Bali , somewhere like Nusa Dua (depending on your budget) - nice beaches and hotels with private beaches.... Or if you are on a tight budget perhaps look at stay in Seminyak, or if you want somewhere far less commercialised try Candi Dasa. Problem with Candi dasa is that is quiet remote - but it seems to me that is what you would like.

Contact the agent listed below and see if he can assit with suggestions for accommodation on Nusa Penida. I am assumming you want to go for Nusa Penida because you want to dive. Apparently there is not much in terms of accommodation on the island. There is some real budget dive lodge.

Alternatively you could stay on Nusa Lembongan one of the other island close to Nusa Penida. You can still dive Nusa Penida from Nusa Lembongan.

You can get to Nusa Lembongan by boat from Benoa harbour , takes about 1 hour.

There is a 3 star resort called Waka Nusa - has only 10 bungalow but is on the beach. No phone or TV in the rooms

For something a bit more up market you could try The Nusa lembogan resort - this is a 4 star resort.

If you really want so Hemmingway type of accommodation , you could try the Bali Hai Tide Huts - 2 and 1/2 star - you have to share bathroom facilities , dont know how approriate this would be with a baby. :whome:

If you really are set on going Nusa Penida contact the agent below in Bali and see if they can help.

Indo Jet Bali Address:

Perumahan Gunung Sari

Indah, Jalan Gunung

Sari No 19A Pemogan

Denpasar, Bali,




Telephone: ( 62-361) 747 4817

Fax: (62 361) 747 4816

Hope that this is of some assistance.



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Thanks a lot Enrica!!

Great info. Don't think the shared bathroom facilities wil do it for me - nor the baby.

Thanks for your PM as well. That sounds like our kinda place.

We actually want to go there when we have to leave the country for visa evidencing, so just need to be in reach of Denpasar as well in order to get to Australian consulate.

Thanks again.


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Hubby and I went to Bali in 2006 and stayed in the Oasis Hotel on an island called Kuta, Bali itself is a stunning island, very vibrant. The food was absolutely define and the swimming was a great attraction as it was very humid when we arrived in June. The rooms however were another story which had a strange damp smell almost as if the windows were closed for days and the ventilation was poor. Thankfully we were moved to another room and the staff were very accommodating. Lucky for us we only needed a place to put our head down at night.The island itself was busy as we were located in the heart of shopping district (we did ask to be close to shopping area, not so close). The vendors would bombard you as you leave the hotel with their wares which I must say was extremely cheap and it the whole business of haggling was great fun.

The beach however we beautiful, blue seas, open spaces, palm trees and we would walk on the beach on warm balmy evenings.

Treasure every second in Bali as it's one island that I will definitely return to and you will love it.

Enrica, on our next visit to Bali I will have to come knocking on your door for some accommodation options. :ph34r:

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Hi Jamiella,

You are welcome to come knocking on my door any time.

I personally am not a fan of Kuta, I can only equate it to a flea market by the seaside....just far to busy busy...not much tropical about Kuta.

Accommodation in Bali varies, but it also depends on your budget.

If you still want to be close to the action Legian/Seminyak or Tuban are a bettr option. If You want something much quieter and have a bigger budget then the place to stay is Nusa Dua or Sanur.

For the ladies that want a mountain retreat with fab spas then Ubud in the mountains is for you.



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I agree with your fleamarket by the seaside statement as hubby said it lacked the island atmosphere as it was quite busy. Sometimes it's best to speak to those who have visited these places instead of only checking out their websites which at times can be quite misleading.

Thanks for the accommodation tips.


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Hi Jamiella,'

I agree, thats why they say, without a travel agent you are on your own!!!!

Sometimes, you need to speak to the experts

Picture on the internet can be very deceiving!!!



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