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Starting a business


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Hubby and his brothers are all self employed and has build themselfs some nice little empires. As we are interrested to move to Aus, is it very difficult to start up again? Lots of laws and red tape?

He is a plumber and his brothers are electricians and landscapers. Would it be better to start off as employees and then later on do his own thing?

Visa implications?

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Hi Ingrid

I suggest that you PM Pofmuis. If I remember correctly, her hubby has his own electrician business here. They said something like he has to work for an electrician for a period( a year I think). Thereafter he can apply for some permits of paper that will allow him to start his own business. I suggest that they start working for someone and check out the business environment before he start his own.

A friend of mine also have his own electrical business and he’s going to look for a job first. The only period he ever worked for someone was while he was doing his eppy ship(sorry, don’t know the spelling).

His brother moved to OZ a year ago. He bought a existing business, do some proper management and turn the business into a gold mine. He’s a fat cat, smiling every month. I don’t think it will be difficult to start a business over there. One important point to remember is that labour is much more expensive in OZ. May be you could do a search on house building on this forum. I remembered someone said it take a lot longer to build a house due to the skills shortage. I believe there will be a lot of opportunities for them.

That’s all I can tell :rolleyes:

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Hi Ingrid

The best advice that I can give you is tell you hubbie and brother inlaw to

1) stick to what they know

2) Go an work for someone, and learn the Aussie way, and in the process get all the licences and personal liability insurance etc etc etc , also they can build up supplier contact etc.

3) Dont come into Oz thinking that you will show them how it is done.....you cant.

There is plenty of work for Electricians/Plumbers landscapers at the moment. This is the tradies "gold rush" time.



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hi there

as the others say, its better to get in and work for someone whilst getting conversions or whatever is required done, so when ready to go on their own again they'll have a feel for the Oz environment and they won't be "newbie's" if you know what i mean?

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