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Our bags not packed , but we're ready to go!


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Hi everyone! new to this, and hoping to find ideas and the usual! :thumbdown:

Myself and fiance are immigrating, and have set up our starting point in emerald lakes, gold coast. Any of you stay there? we have an apartment there and will be looking for jobs in that area. Debbie is an English teacher - fed up with smash and grabs, power cuts - ,and I'm personal trainer and buisness partner in a private gym - sick of corruption, break ins and general strength of the rand.

hope to be chatting to a few of you on how the move went.

kind regards

Andre and Debbie

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Guest mrs mupersan

Welcome guys! My brother's already on the GC - married a Kiwi so went via NZ, then Perth & now GC. He's a graphic designer and loves it there.

Have you already got your visas? If so, when are you planning on moving across?

If you're looking for jobs, have you tried www.seek.com.au?

Happy info gathering!


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Thanks for the replies! :thumbdown:

well i've heard the move from Durban to gold coast is not so hectic as the laid back lifestyle is the same. So, here's a funny one....when you live in australia, do you support the boks or wallabies? The general idea is to become as aussie as possible, which I'm fine with, but c'mon HABANA is a beauty!

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What happens when the Bokke lose is that all guys at works say "we beat ya". When the Bokke win the relatives and friends from South Africa phone up and say "we beat ya". Heh heh.

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